Our Promise to Coaches

Here’s our pledge to our current and future coaches.

Coaching platform first and foremost

The main purpose of Nutrition Hackers website is – and always will be – to provide a platform for nutrition coaches who specialise in Carnivore, Fasting or Keto.

We hope to also grow the website into an online community and information hub.

But we are not going to chase any business opportunities that may conflict with our core purpose and mission.

Re-investment into development and growth

We are going to generate a small revenue stream from our admin fees for bookings and payments processing.

In the beginning, this will only just about cover our website admin expenses. We may also consider other revenue sources such as merchandising and affiliate marketing.

If and when our revenue stream grows above covering platform expenses, we will invest into further platform growth and web development work to expand the functionality (see our Features Wishlist).

Simple, clean and uncluttered

We will aim to keep the website clean, simple and free of clutter and advertising to maximise usability and keep the focus on coaching offering.

Reliable and anti-fragile

Our mission is to provide a service you can rely on and trust.

We will do our best to keep the platform running regardless of external pressures.

If we ever run into legal or monetary difficulties, we will be completely transparent with you.

We have already evaluated many risk scenarios and devised plans on how to work around them.

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