Nutrition Hackers Manifesto

We are a community of people who use smart nutrition to improve our health, fitness and well-being. 

We reject misguided and outdated dogmas related to human diets. The current epidemic of obesity and related health conditions is a testament to their failure.

We choose alternative paths like Carnivore, Keto, fasting and ancestral living. 

Here’s our manifesto. Nutrition Hackers are: 

Sceptical of Authority 

Mainstream institutions have been failing us for decades. That’s why we don’t automatically defer to any governmental, medical or scientific authority. They have to prove themselves trustworthy first.  

Taking Responsibility 

We don’t expect anyone to make our decisions for us or tell us what to do. We make our own choices and take full responsibility for the outcomes. 

Focused on Results  

We focus only on what’s effective and useful. We don’t waste time pondering matters that have no practical applications. 

Self-Reliant and Independent

We don’t expect anyone to step in and fix our problems for us. We take charge of our lives and make our own decisions.

Not Afraid of Risk

We take calculated risks and conduct our own n=1 experiments to figure out what works for us as individuals.

Working Smart not Hard 

We leverage evolutionary biology to find shortcuts and easy ways of achieving our health and fitness goals.

Supportive and Community-Minded 

We support each other and share knowledge and advice freely within our community.  

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