• Staying on Track During Holidays
    Do you struggle to stick to healthy habits? Many of us do – especially during the holiday season! It’s that time of year when there are more temptations around every corner. From festive parties to family gatherings, the opportunities to deviate from our healthy habits increase exponentially.  Trying to stay away from carbs and sugar during the holidays can take… Read more: Staying on Track During Holidays
  • Keto Diet: Going From Suffering to Flourishing 
    In 2015, at the age of 42, I found myself at a rock bottom, both mentally and physically.  I never felt good.  I was ALWAYS in pain from one source or another.   I lived with several diagnoses including: Crohn’s disease, migraine headaches, malignant hypertension, chronic allergies, sinus infections, ear infections, pneumonias, gut infections, debilitating back pain, neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, GERD,… Read more: Keto Diet: Going From Suffering to Flourishing 
  • Are You Thriving, or Barely Surviving?
    Many of us think of weight loss as our main goal when dieting. But this narrow focus is not always optimal. Considering the bigger picture – like your overall health and well-being – will lead to better results. Including weight loss! Changing Focus I don’t like to focus on weight or size as a goal anymore. I used to think… Read more: Are You Thriving, or Barely Surviving?
  • Carnivore Diet Misconceptions
    Carnivore diet is a subject of fervent discussion. There are many enthusiastic fans but also many vocal critics. Opinions range from a one-size-fits-all miracle diet to stark warnings of its potential hazards. Let’s demystify the Carnivore diet and examine some of the most prevalent misconceptions about it. Whether you’re considering going Carnivore or simply curious about its principles, read on!… Read more: Carnivore Diet Misconceptions
  • Processed Foods: The Evolutionary Mismatch
    Processed foods are a new addition to the human diet. The way we eat changed so much over the last century. And not always in a good way! Our biology doesn’t evolve anywhere near as fast as our technology. There is a great mismatch between food that’s optimal for us as a species and our present dietary habits. The Definition… Read more: Processed Foods: The Evolutionary Mismatch
  • Obese But Starving
    There’s a lot of conflicting chatter about the obesity epidemic and body-positivity. The diet and fitness industries are booming and have been for quite some time. With so much health-conscious advice and programs available to us, how is it that the obesity rate seems to keep climbing? Shouldn’t people be healthier than ever? Shouldn’t diabetes and heart disease be a… Read more: Obese But Starving
  • Carnivore Diet – Worth a Try? 
    Thinking of trying out Carnivore Diet – but still not sure whether it works? You are not the only one having doubts!  It’s completely understandable. We’ve all been to that place to start with. Here’s some more information to help you dispel those doubts and make an informed decision. Why is the Carnivore Diet so controversial? Carnivore Diet flies in… Read more: Carnivore Diet – Worth a Try? 
  • 10 Tips for Nutrition Hacking Beginners
    Thinking of switching from the Standard American Diet to a more optimal way of eating, like Keto or Carnivore? Here are some tips to help you get ready for the transition.  Start Slowly  If you have a sweet tooth and are drinking soda, begin by cutting out the soda. Diet soda is no good either as artificial sweeteners can also… Read more: 10 Tips for Nutrition Hacking Beginners
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