Are You Thriving, or Barely Surviving?

Carnivore Diet

Many of us think of weight loss as our main goal when dieting.

But this narrow focus is not always optimal.

Considering the bigger picture – like your overall health and well-being – will lead to better results. Including weight loss!

Changing Focus

I don’t like to focus on weight or size as a goal anymore. I used to think those numbers indicate health. I now know that isn’t the case.

Once you begin to heal, your focus begins to change. But it’s always the comparison, the before and after, that gets our attention, right?

Many people want to look better, and that’s ok. Wanting to lose weight is a valid goal.

What I want people to understand is that there is so much freedom and life available to us when we break free of sugar, carbs, processed foods, and the strain they put on our bodies and minds.

And when you begin to break free…THEN the physical changes happen!

What Has Carnivore Diet Done for Me?

Going Carnivore led to so many positive changes for me:

  • ELIMINATED the impulse to eat garbage – the feeling that I was POSSESSED by sugar and carbs is gone
  • REDUCED greatly, all symptoms of Hashimoto’s
  • ELIMINATED hair loss – my hair is growing back
  • IMPROVED nail health – nails are strong, not bendy
  • IMPROVED skin  – my skin is soft, smooth, and clear
  • ELIMINATED constipation – zero fiber required
  • ELIMINATED random aches and pains – I feel better at age 51 than I did at 21
  • IMPROVED energy – energy levels are steady throughout the day, no afternoon nap or caffeine needed
  • IMPROVED mental clarity – no more brain fog
  • IMPROVED mood – I experience happiness, peace, and joy daily
  • REDUCED Hirsutism – no more 5 o’clock shadow for this girl

But the best part – I have more LIFE in me. I’m lively, creative, goofy and fun-loving.

The worst part – I wish I had known all of this when my kids were young…

I Want to Live…to be 100

People cringe when I say that. What do you think of when you think of a centenarian? 

It’s easy to conjure an image of a 100-year old woman with a vacant expression who is either bedridden or hunched over with a walker. But that is not the vision I have for myself. 

I am working today for the version of me that I want in the future. I spent the first half of my life sick, listless, and miserable.

The joy I have now is something I want to relish for another 50 years. 

I am strengthening my body and my brain in preparation for old age because I have plans to truly live a full and experience-rich life!

Nutrition Matters

The food we eat needs to do more than stop our belly from growling. Yet it should not be used as a companion, for comfort, or for entertainment. 

In order to thrive and truly live, we need to fuel up with nutrient-dense food. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyed.

There are a variety of ways to make a Carnivore diet enjoyable and interesting. 

Focus on Health 

Numbers can be helpful indicators of change. But rather than getting overwhelmed by the number on the scale, count the number of health improvements.

How much farther can you walk today than you did last week? 

When you begin healing you focus less on the number on the scale or on the tag in your jeans. 

With healing, you’re able to focus on the number of smiles you give and receive, the number of laughs you share with friends, and the number of moments you spend with family.  

Next Steps

Do you want to merely exist? Or do you want to fully participate in life and really LIVE and thrive?

No matter what stage of life you are in right now, you can make drastic improvements to your life. There are so many wonderful coaches here, ready to guide you!

Just to illustrate just how goofy I am sometimes, I’ll admit that while I’m writing this, the quote from the Terminator keeps rolling around in my head – “Come with me if you want to live”…no, like REALLY LIVE 😂

Ready for the Next Step?

Book a 1:1 coaching session with me and let’s explore together!

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