Carnivore Diet Misconceptions

Carnivore diet is a subject of fervent discussion. There are many enthusiastic fans but also many vocal critics. Opinions range from a one-size-fits-all miracle diet to stark warnings of its potential hazards.

Let’s demystify the Carnivore diet and examine some of the most prevalent misconceptions about it.

Whether you’re considering going Carnivore or simply curious about its principles, read on!

Meat is bad for you

Meat has gotten a bad wrap for so long now. 

People are trusting, if not at times gullible. If a doctor says it, it must be accurate. If the government says it, it must be for our benefit. 

Like we haven’t been burned by that before, right?! That’s not to say that any individual intentionally sets out to hurt the general public. 

But let’s face it – studies are funded by corporations and corporations are created to generate revenue. I won’t go down that rabbit hole here, but read that again. Keep reading that sentence until it clicks. Studies are funded by corporations and corporations are created to generate revenue. 

So studies being circulated in medical schools and hospitals stating that meat, specifically red meat, contributes to heart disease, colon cancer, and other scary things simply have zero scientific backing. 

Ancel Keys’ 7 Countries Study depicting the correlation between consuming meat and chronic disease has been debunked. Keys included fewer than half the countries that were actually participating in his study because only seven actually fit the narrative he was trying to prove. 

It’s also been proven that he was paid generously by sugar refineries for the conclusion of this study to come out in their favor. 

In summary, don’t blame the steak for what the sugar did!

No fiber means no poop

People believe they need fiber in order to poop. 

Let’s think logically about this for a second. Fiber is a bulking agent. Bulking means to make something bigger. 

So how exactly does fiber help you poop? It doesn’t!

Fiber is actually binding and makes more difficult bowel movements. 

Carnivore Diet will lead to higher cholesterol

We may all have heard warnings about our cholesterol at some point. 

Most of us probably know someone who is on medication to lower their cholesterol and has been told to eat a low fat diet. 

Someone very dear to me has been on cholesterol lowering medication for some time now….and the mental decline is quite evident. 

Our brains require cholesterol. In fact, 25% of the cholesterol in our bodies can be found in our brains. Fat and cholesterol are vital to brain health. 

There is no direct correlation between cholesterol and heart disease or stroke risk.

Carnivore Diet doesn’t provide enough vitamins 

Meat is not only nutrient dense, those nutrients are bioavailable to our human bodies. You can get all the vitamins you need from animal-based foods.

While certain plant foods may have a high vitamin content, those nutrients aren’t bioavailable via the human digestive system. 

Fruits and veggies may also contribute to illness and issues with phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are the plant’s natural defense chemicals. 

Carnivore Diet is boring

News flash – food isn’t meant to be our companion or entertainment! 

Of course we should find food enjoyable. But food has taken center stage in our holidays, our celebrations, and in our every-day lives. Let’s look for other engaging, comforting, and entertaining activities that enrich our lives without  contributing to chronic disease. 

If you feel that you could never give up… fill in the blank, that probably indicates an addiction to that particular food or a substance in that food. 

If you feel that eating meat only every day would get monotonous, try adding different cuts, different meats, and even different spices and cooking methods. 

Or just search YouTube for some amazing carnivore recipes. 

Carnivore Diet is expensive

There are many ways to make a meat-based diet affordable. 

Shopping sales, buying from a local farm, and including chicken, pork, and fish is a great way to stretch your dollar and keep things interesting at mealtime. 

Carnivore Diet is only for those who have food sensitivities

Nope! We are all humans and this is how we were designed. Meat provides us with superior, bioavailable nutrition. 

While it definitely helps with food sensitivities, everyone can benefit from this way of eating. Easy weight loss, more energy and greater mental clarity are just some of the benefits of Carnivore.  

What are some misconceptions you’ve heard about the Carnivore Diet?

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