Quiz Result: The Sugar Monster

Your self-sabotage profile is: The Sugar Monster

Sugar Monster Diet Sabotage

You’re on autopilot around sugary or carb-heavy foods. You can’t pass up a treat or favorite foods. 

You have the best of intentions when it comes to your diet. But your cravings and temptations overpower you. 

You’re determined, but often feel defeated and discouraged. If only you could find the strength to fight the Sugar/Carb Monster within!

Stuck in a vicious cycle of resolve and battling cravings, you just can’t seem to make progress with your health.

How to Deal with Your Inner Sugar Monster


The first step is becoming fully aware of this trait. Learn to recognize the voice in your head that compels you to act on cravings. 

How many times have you found yourself in situations that trigger cravings? And how many times has the voice convinced you to act on those cravings? 

Don’t let the Sugar Monster persuade you again. 

Its tactics are keeping you enslaved to cravings, and robbing you of your dreams.

Mindset Shift 

The next step is to upgrade your mindset. 

Trade the impulses and triggers for a healthy alternative, like a fun activity to distract you from the Sugar Monster’s agenda. 

Recognize the power of small consistent daily actions to gain impulse control. Prioritize action over perfection. 

See every craving as a fresh opportunity to overcome and defeat the Sugar Monster.


We are not going to pretend that any of this is easy. You’ve probably tried to escape the Sugar Monster already but failed.

How can you break the pattern? Studies suggest accountability is the most effective way to ensure lasting change.

We are hard-wired to rely on other people. Even the most independent amongst us still work better with a bit of peer pressure. 

There are many ways to introduce accountability. You could get a diet buddy, join a local community or hire a coach.

Unite with others who are in this battle. Because there is strength in numbers!

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