Quiz Result: The Procrastinator

Your self-sabotage profile is: The Procrastinator


You’re the eternal “I’ll start next Monday” dreamer. Tomorrow’s your favorite day to begin. But it never comes.

Your diet’s always on a loop: start, stop, restart. So are most of your other goals and endeavours. 

Every day’s a new promise. But progress never happens. Deep down, you know you are not getting anywhere.

And if you don’t change your approach, your dreams will remain forever out of reach. 

How to Deal with Your Inner Procrastinator


The first step is becoming fully aware of this trait. Learn to recognize the voice in your head that says “I’ll start again next Monday”. 

How many times have you said this to yourself? And how many goals did you give up on because of it? 

Don’t let The Procrastinator’s voice fool you again! 

Its lies are stopping you from achieving your full potential. And robbing you of your dreams.

Mindset Shift 

The next step is to upgrade your mindset. 

Trade the comfort of “later” for the urgency of “now”. Recognize the power of small consistent daily actions over grand delayed plans. Prioritize action over perfection. 

See every day as a fresh opportunity – not another chance to defer. 

Because the best time to start pursuing your goals is now! 

Not tomorrow, not on Monday, not after the holidays. But right this moment! 


We are not going to pretend that any of this is easy. You’ve probably tried to escape the Procrastinator already but failed.

How can you break the pattern? Studies suggest accountability is the most effective way to ensure lasting change.

We are hard-wired to rely on other people. Even the most independent amongst us still work better with a bit of peer pressure. 

There are many ways to introduce accountability. You could get a diet buddy, join a local community or hire a coach.

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