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Hi my name is Trudy, 59 years old, 5’7″ and weigh around 125 lbs.  At one point in my life not that long ago, I weighed over 160 lbs, was sluggish, full of inflammation, stressed and strung out.

I have been a Fasting Carnivore since September 2019, and have experimented fasting off and on most of my life. I have tried many different weight loss strategies along this journey.  During my Keto journey, I was learning and growing from listening to several podcasts of Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Jason Fung, to name a few.  I wanted to see if I could heal my back pain.  I have found so much more.  This is a lifestyle, a community, and a home.

I’ve had personal experience with allergies, disordered eating, eyesight/cataracts, thinning hair, soft nails, arthritis, joint pain, lower back pain, leaky gut, sugar, carb & food addictions, and relationship issues.  I also have a long time history of training and working out.

Most of my issues have resolved or significantly reduced since transitioning into the Fasting Carnivore lifestyle. To top it off, I am full of energy and I get to live a longer life to be with my daughters & grandchildren. I want to always be a great example for them to live healthy lives.

I  bike long distances, run 2 or 3 times a week, swim, and hike in the fasted state.  I love going on crazy hiking adventures.  My endurance & strength have improved and I am the tiniest & strongest I have been in over 40 years.  I feel amazing, sleep soundly (and don’t need as much sleep) and am happier, healthier and calmer than ever before.

Because I have experienced so much healing in the area of addiction, pain relief, and inflammation I am very passionate about helping others on their journey to finding their highest, optimal health. Come join me on this crazy life adventure, because you are more than worthy of restored health and wellness.

7 reviews for Trudy Kemper

  1. Steve

    It’s been 3 days since my meeting with Trudy. Following her suggestions each day, I am feeling progressively better…

  2. Ayana Fuentes

    Trudy was so helpful and listened to what I truly needed. Thank you.

  3. Mark Seman

    This was my first coaching session, and I felt VERY comfortable speaking with Trudy. Trudy’s a very good listener…

  4. Erlinda Saloman

    I had a great time consulting with Trudy a few days ago. I appreciate talking with Trudy about Histamine Intolerance…

  5. Mirela Starostka

    I just had an amazing coaching session with Trudy. She was very supportive, patient, and warm, full of knowledge…

  6. Suzi Durren

    I enjoyed our talk. Informative. Good advice, and she has a passion for healing. Thank you.

  7. Élisabeth

    I’ve already been eating carnivore for two years, and I am feeling great. I just booked a coaching session to…

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