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No more time wasting and getting stuck in a rut… Achieve the physique and health goals you DESERVE!

Welcome, I’m Jonathan! I’m thrilled to offer you a range of top-notch services aimed at helping you achieve optimal health, a fabulous physique, and superior training performance. As the founder of Composition Consultant and a Registered Nutritionist with extensive qualifications and expertise, I take pride in providing personalized nutrition services that yield results. No cookie-cutter plans here! I see each client as unique, considering their lifestyle and health circumstances during consultations.

  • Incredible body transformations.
  • Working around injuries.
  • Experience with Autism, depression, and anxiety.
  • Experience in palliative care.
  • Gain muscle and lose fat.
  • Reproducible results with prompt plateau-busting solutions.

With almost 15 years of experience in the nutrition industry, I’ve witnessed countless fad diets come and go. In my quest for truth amid the online misinformation, I’ve delved into cutting-edge scientific literature and worked with numerous individuals facing diverse health challenges. This led me to create Composition Consultant to fill the gap for affordable yet high-quality diet coaching.

Not only do I bring a wealth of experience, but I’ve also competed in esteemed bodybuilding competitions across the UK, earning top placings in BNBF and UKBFF. Furthermore, I’ve received endorsements and collaborated with highly esteemed experts in the carnivore space, including: Dr Shawn Baker, Dr Anthony Chaffee, Professor Bart Kay and many others.

To get a taste of my work, check out my YouTube channel linked here:

You’ll see why investing in my services could be the best decision you’ll ever make! Get ready to embark on a transformational journey towards improved health and well-being with me!


Jonathan Griffiths BSc


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