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Hi! My name is Becky. Certified Revero Carnivore & Fasting Coach, Certified Quantum Biology Collective Instructor, Essential Oil Director

I have a passion for helping people find their optimal health. After birthing three children, I found that my body no longer bounced back like it did in my younger years. I had stubborn excess weight & hormonal challenges due to hysterectomy at 30. I was then dealing with even more emotional issues, and poor gut health, cardiac issues, asthma, pre-diabetic, thyroid/autoimmune plagued me and led to further weight gain. Leading to needing to be on 7 different medications. I also did genetic testing revealing that I had a high likelihood of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. I knew I needed to take charge and heal myself vs treating symptoms with meds & no better time than NOW!

I tried many commercial diet plans, which yielded no results and left me tired and hungry! Still weighing over 210 pounds, I found Dr. Shawn Baker and the carnivore diet. For the first time in my life, I have found freedom from dieting, food stress, and emotional issues & started seeing the benefits of healing.

Being a carnivore for almost 2.5 years, my body has become healthy enough to release the excess weight of 50+ extra pounds & no medication and no longer plagued with the above health conditions! I have been able to successfully re-incorporate foods that are locally/seasonally appropriate. While working on the 6 intuitive steps of treating the body as a whole!

I’ve had Personal Experience With:

  • Circadian Alignment
  • Digestive Disease
  • Hormonal Disease
  • Thyroid/Autoimmune
  • Prediabetes
  • Cardiac
  • Asthma
  • Emotional Health
  • Post hysterectomy weight gain
  • Eating Higher FAT – Moderate Protein
  • Experience with Intermittent Fasting, Extended Fasting & Fat Fasting

I look forward to learning about you and walking with you on your journey to optimal health!

~ Coach Becky

You can also find me at the community of BNC where we are beyond nutrition community focused & have a collaboration of coaches who host 8 meetings per week!

I also host/co-hosting the following Revero meetings: Monday ~ Eating Fat & Thrive  Tuesday ~ Carnivore Fasting Meeting (co-host) Wednesday ~ Sleep Strategies Thursday ~ Intuitive Eating, Carnivore for Beginners, KetoVore

25 reviews for Becky Niles

  1. Suzette de Araujo

    “Becky was great to speak with. Shared her experience as well as knowledge of how to begin and some speed bumps I might hit along the way. Thanks, Becky!”

  2. Barbara Miguelez

    “So far I’ve had 2 coaching sessions with Becky N. She is warm and caring and is so easy to talk to. I recommend Becky N. 5 stars”

  3. Kimberly Nicodemus

    “Becky is a great coach. She is there to answer questions and give support when I need it.”

  4. Kristin

    “Becky was amazing! I’ve been keto for several years and have tried Carnivore on several occasions. I’m excited to implement everything she suggested.”

  5. Penny S

    “I enjoyed my visit with Becky. She gave me some good tips and helped me with the confusion I was having with the Carnivore diet.”

  6. Lark Garr

    “Have so appreciated all Becky’s gentle advice and friendship. Thanks for all you do Becky!”

  7. Karen McNamara

    “Becky was very helpful. She listened and gave me good advice on how to start a high-fat approach to the carnivore diet. Thank you, Becky.”

  8. Scott Thomas

    “I had my first coaching session with Becky. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with on the Carnivore lifestyle. I am anxious to see what my future holds.”

  9. Claire Whitehead

    Had my first coaching session with Becky this morning and her knowledge and tips already made a difference in one day! I have been carnivore for a month and have seen great changes, but I felt like I needed an expert to help me fine-tune my current plan. I’m a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugars are lower already, my ketones are higher, and I feel like I’m on the right track. For sure will book more sessions with her, what a wonderful support and coach!

  10. Shannon Carroll

    Chatted to Becky for the first time yesterday afternoon, I have been in the low carb / keto / carnivore environment for over 7 years now but I am still having the same difficulties with losing weight and controlling hormonal response and mood swings. Becky was very helpful, I have started experimenting with High Fat Carnivore, and she helped tweak a few things that I will try over the following week. Will definitely carry on chatting with Becky as a lot of my problems she has already experienced herself and I cannot wait to continue our journey.

  11. Kelly Riojas

    Great 30-minute session with Becky! I came out of the meeting with extra knowledge about my higher fat side!!! She’s very pleasant and a great listener!! 🥩

  12. Krystal Bove

    I have signed up for several meetings with Becky and have enjoyed every single one so far! I’ve noticed a major difference in my mood and how I’m feeling since transitioning to a higher fat version of Carnivore. I could not have done this without guidance from Becky. She has some amazing insight on how to live this way of eating. Thank you, Becky!

  13. Joy Stoddard

    My 30-minute session with Becky was amazing! She is so easy to talk to and she listened closely and responded with great thought and care. I came away feeling a little more knowledgeable of high-fat carnivore, and I really enjoyed the conversation. I didn’t want it to end! Thank you, Becky!

  14. Brian

    Had a great conversation with Becky. She was able to answer a lot of questions I had about the process and having thyroid issues. She was very nice to talk to, and the 30 minutes flew by. She was very professional, and hopefully will be able to do more sessions in the future.

  15. Andrea

    Great first session. Feel I have a plan now. She’s very knowledgeable and also a great listener. I look forward to future sessions.

  16. Simon Westbrook

    Becky extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to share her experience and knowledge. I look forward to working with Becky as I progress through the Carnivore lifestyle.

  17. Esther Kane

    Had a great coaching session with Becky. She helped me tighten up my keto macros

  18. Ray R

    “This was my first session with Coach Becky. She is very well informed and answered a bunch of questions that I had about ratios and resources that I needed to assist me in balancing my intake of Protein/fat. Would book another session in the future to answer any additional questions I may have in my carnivore journey.”

  19. Ayana Fuentes

    “Becky was great! She gave a lot of detail and attention in answering my questions and didn’t rush through the process at all. I’m very appreciative.”

  20. Isabelle Calleeuw

    “Becky, a very understanding person. Good listener, helpful to get me on the right path. Knows very well the sciences of Keto & Carnivore. She also has great recipe ideas. Superb last! Thanks, Becky.”

  21. Ashley Rose

    “Becky was amazing. She was very patient and answered all my questions. She helped me figure out how to navigate the different changes my body would go through as I adapt to the Carnivore lifestyle. I absolutely recommend her.”

  22. Kevin Smith

    “*HOW HAVE I NOT WRITTEN A REVIEW BEFORE?! Becky has been immensely helpful, not just during our 1-on-1 coaching sessions. She has been a wonderful coach and friend, full of great advice, counsel, and camaraderie. 11/10, would absolutely recommend.”

  23. Diane Lakata

    “I have been working with Becky for about a year at this point. I am so impressed with her knowledge, perception, and insight. She has an understanding of both physiology and psychology that has given me insight into my own!! I have been more successful in maintaining health with this WOE than any other I have done in the past; mostly due to Becky’s presence in my life. Many thanks to a great inspiration, and, I would like to say, friend.”

  24. Jennifer Sheldon

    “I just had my first coaching session with Becky, and she is on point with her knowledge base and helped me out with a few things I had been struggling with. Definitely knows her stuff.”

  25. Heather Redmon

    “I just had my second session with Becky, and she is wonderful! She really listens and provides great insights. I highly recommend her coaching sessions. She is also very supportive.”

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