7 Reasons You Need a Nutrition Coach 

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Are you thinking of trying a radically new approach to nutrition, like Carnivore, Keto or fasting? Perhaps you already attempted it but struggled, or didn’t get the results you hoped for.

Getting a coach to help you navigate your new way of eating could be the “magic bullet”!

Some people are able to create the right nutritional plan and stick to it without any outside help. 

But for many of us, an experienced coach can make all the difference between success and failure.  

Here are some reasons why you may need a coach to support you on your journey.

1. You feel out of control around food

Loss of control is a common phenomenon for people on a Standard American Diet (also called Westernized way of eating). This suboptimal nutritional path creates an overt food addiction, both chemically and behaviorally. 

If you fall into this trap, it’s not your fault! 

Certain foods are purposefully designed to be addictive. Breaking away from them is really difficult, especially in the beginning.

That’s why you may struggle to switch to a healthier way of eating like Keto or Carnivore, even if you genuinely want to do so.

We have a lot of experience in helping people ditch addictive junk foods. We can guide you through this crucial phase and help you avoid common pitfalls. 

You will regain control over your cravings and make conscious healthy choices going forward.   

2. You are obsessed with your weight – but still can’t manage to lose any  

You wouldn’t be human in this day and age if you weren’t! 

Our self-worth is often tied to our looks. Many of us were taught this in no uncertain terms. We are being judged on that basis all the time. Then we also learn how to judge and this process becomes internalized. What a travesty!

This is hard to unlearn. But our bodies hear what our brain is thinking. 

Our thoughts are either a love letter to our body, or the exact opposite. A continuous message of hate and self-loathing if we fail to make it look a certain way. It’s impossible to make lasting positive changes from this miserable and overwhelming mindset! 

Your weight shouldn’t be a factor in whether you love yourself or not. Your weight is just a reflection of your health. It’s a gauge just like other health metrics, for example blood pressure. 

Please note this is not the same as saying “All bodies are beautiful” or “You are beautiful just the way you are”!

That fake body positivity implies that obesity is not an issue. But obesity is a symptom of underlying disease. And it is a very serious issue. 

We will help you unpack underlying negative thoughts about your weight and your looks. 

So that you can change your negative obsessive mindset to one that’s positive and based on self-love. But rooted firmly in reality rather than fantasy. 

3. You lack consistency 

For most of us, this is a daily struggle!

One day, you’re on the wagon and progressing towards goals. Next day, you’re back to your old dysfunctional patterns of behavior. 

It’s often an “all or nothing” state of affairs! And then there is the emotional roller-coaster of beating yourself up about it. 

Have you played the “I’ll start again on Monday” game more times than you can count? Then you’ve come to the right place and you’re among friends!

We’re also famous for the “but it’s a holiday”, “you only live once”, and the ever popular “fear of missing out” justification! 

There is no end to excuses our brains will come up with! That’s because we’re threatening them with taking away the things that they love; the things that provide comfort and solace.

This is simply how we are wired. Our ancestors would overeat as preservation for lean times. 

Our brains want that hit of dopamine a meal provides. But these days, with our current overabundance of food, the same mechanism works against us.

The good news is, your brain is extremely adaptable. It’s possible to change these dysfunctional reward pathways. 

We’ve seen it happen over and over. And we can help you make the same shift. 

4. You feel so alone 

Humans are hard-wired for interconnectedness. We used to take our cues from “the herd” if we wanted to survive. Connection to our fellow man is still a core need.

That’s why we feel anxious if we try to do something radically different. Especially if people we love, or society at large, are not understanding or supportive.

Carnivore, Keto and fasting are still considered to be “fad diets”. Many people think they are at best useless, and at worse potentially dangerous. 

Challenging the common accepted wisdom is not easy.

That’s why being part of a community of like-minded people makes a huge difference! 

Please join the Nutrition Hackers Facebook group if you would like to discuss anything related to Carnivore, Keto or fasting.

Getting a dedicated nutrition coach will help you even further. So you’d always have someone there to support you – even if the whole world seems to disagree with your choices!

5. You can’t hold yourself accountable 

Most of us are bad at holding ourselves accountable.

How many times have you decided to transform your life? But then found yourself being back to square one with all the old habits just a few weeks later?

Vast majority of people go through this cycle every January! 

Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

If you tried and failed many times before, perhaps it’s time to try a dramatic change! 

Get someone else to provide that crucial accountability and help you stay on track!

6. You are overwhelmed by the volume of information 

It may seem that diets like Carnivore and Keto are fairly simple. Just cut down carbs for Keto – or cut out all plant-based foods for Carnivore. Or simply stop eating for fasting. 

But then you start wondering. 

Are certain foods like dairy in or out? Can I eat as much as I like within these parameters? Should I take supplements? How much water should I drink? On and on it goes…

There is LOTS of information out there with books, podcasts, videos, blog articles etc etc 

You could spend days and weeks investigating these questions, only to find new ones popping up with every bit of information consumed.

Or you could save time and ask your coach. We will provide all the answers quickly and in a way that’s personalized for you individually. 

So that you don’t waste time reading stuff that’s not relevant or that may be suboptimal. 

7. You keep losing motivation 

Any major life change requires motivation, especially over the long term.

It’s easy to get psyched up in the beginning, feeling super enthusiastic and hopeful. But once the novelty wears off, it’s time for grit and perseverance. 

You will need to dig deep to find the underlying motivation. So you can keep going when the going gets tough. Because it will. 

Nutrition Hackers coaches have helped thousands of people to find and keep their motivation to progress with their Carnivore, Keto or fasting journey.

We are here for you all the way. And we won’t let you give up on your goals! 

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