Social Media Policy

Nutrition Hackers coaches represent a wide range of experiences and viewpoints.

We don’t all agree on everything – and that’s ok!

There is also no single “house view” so everyone is free to express their own opinions.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that it can stay this way without any confusion!

Using Nutrition Hackers name

When using Nutrition Hackers brand name, please make it clear that you represent yourself as one of the coaches on the platform – not the whole platform.

For example:

  • Mary Smith, a qualified Nutrition Hackers coach
  • Mary Smith, nutrition coach operating via Nutrition Hackers platform

Content Sharing

We’d be delighted if you share any of our content on your social media.

Please tag our main social media accounts:

Instagram: @nutritionhackers_

Facebook: our public group for clients

Facebook: our new “broadcast” Facebook page

Hashtags: #nutritionhackers #nutritionhacking

Please DO NOT tag individual admin accounts in your posts.

Nutrition Hackers on Facebook

We have two groups on Facebook:

Nutrition Hackers Coaches group – private group for platform admins and coaches, created primarily for admin/coach communication and platform announcements

Nutrition Hackers public group – public group for existing and potential clients, with regular educational and motivational content, created as a way to generate new leads and promote Nutrition Hackers brand. This is where coaches can interact with potential clients, answer queries and nurture potential leads.

Nutrition Hackers Facebook page – this page is in “broadcast” mode, with content duplicated from other channels. We will use this page primarily for advertising.

If you would like to share any content that’s aimed at potential clients (educational, tips and advice, motivation) etc – please share it in the public facing group where it can be seen, liked and shared further.

Affiliate links – Please do NOT post any partner or affiliate links in the group. We are still formulating our policy on that topic.

Expert badge – all registered Nutrition Hackers coaches will receive an invite to accept an Expert badge in the public group. If you see anyone posting a question or asking for advice, please feel free to step in and respond if you wish.

Content Contributions

If you would like to contribute to our blog or social media, that would be very welcome and much appreciated.

Please see our content contributions guidelines.

Update on “Nutrition Hackers Tribe” WhatsApp group (13 August 2023)

“Nutrition Hackers Tribe” WhatsApp group was launched by one of our great coaches – Barbara Schuette who is an absolute genius at social media. Amy Labbe, one of Nutrition Hackers co-founders, also acted as an admin of the group.

However, after testing this format for a few weeks, we realised WhatsApp is not optimal for this type of group interaction:

  • no way to distinguish between experts (coaches) and regular members
  • no way to group responses into threads
  • not visible to the public
  • difficult to attribute leads to particular coaches

So Nutrition Hackers brand name has now been removed from the group. It will remain as Barbara’s personal channel for communication with her clients and leads.

If you are a coach who joined the WhatsApp group, we encourage you to use our public Facebook group instead to communicate with potential clients.

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