Offer for ex-Revero coaches

Are you a Carnivore diet coach who’s just been released by Revero?

We created an alternative platform with the same basic functionality.

Plus a vision on how to make it bigger and better over the next few months!

We will take care of the website infrastructure, payments and bookings.

So you can focus solely on what you do – coaching.

Sign up today and avoid disruption to your business!

Our Offer

The basic initial version of the Nutrition Hackers platform is completed.

Brand new website with the same core features

  • Сlients can book sessions with you online
  • You can manage your own availability calendar
  • We will process booking payments on your behalf
  • We will send consolidated payouts via PayPal

Simple onboarding

  • All coaches previously certified by Revero will be approved automatically
  • No need to take any further courses or pass any tests

Better payment terms

  • No caps on the coaching fees – it’s completely up to you how much to charge
  • A flat fee of $4 per booking to cover admin expenses

Future Vision

We will further expand platform functionality throughout the summer 2023.

  • Including Keto and Fasting communities alongside Carnivore
  • Developing detailed diet guides and resources
  • Enhancing booking features to include Google Calendar syncing
  • Adding individual coach blogs
  • Developing our social media channels

We are open to all ideas and wishes!

If there is a particular feature you would like added, please let us know.

How to Sign Up

Please go to the Coach Agreement page and fill in a short form.

We will set you up on the new system and will migrate your Revero content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s “we”?

We are a spontaneously formed team of three women.

Stephanie and Amy are Carnivore coaches who have just been released from Revero alongside everyone else.

They have extensive experience in the coaching space and a vision of what a great coaching platform should look like!

Megan is a client of Stephanie’s who happened to be an entrepreneur with enough resources and technical expertise to step in and build a new platform quickly.

When Stephanie notified all her clients about the upcoming disruption, Megan responded.

One thing led to another, and here we are just a few days later! Building a bigger and better platform for all nutrition hackers.

Are you in any way affiliated with Revero?

No, the new platform is not affiliated with Revero in any way.

There are no endorsements or links with Revero clinic or Dr Shawn Baker.

We are not going to use any of their materials, resources or other intellectual property.

Will this platform in any way impact Revero’s IP?

All materials and guides provided by Revero during your course remain their intellectual property.

But the knowledge you acquired as a result of taking the course is yours and yours alone.

You paid for it! So now it’s up to you how and where you want to use that knowledge.

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