Content Contributions Guidelines

We welcome all content contributions from our coaches.

Content will be published on our blog and shared on Nutrition Hackers social media.

What You Can Share

Our mission is to help people improve their health and well-being through smart nutritional choices.

Specifically, we advocate for Carnivore, Keto, Fasting and adjacent regimens like Ancestral Eating.

Please focus primarily on these topics.

Original or Repurposed Content 

You can submit both original content and repurposed content that you’ve published before on your own blog or social media. But it must be your own content authored solely by you. 

Article Topics 

We aim to make all content practically useful to clients. Please focus on educational topics, practical tips and advice. 

Success stories, both your own and those of your clients, are also very welcome.

If you would like to write something but not sure which topic to pick, please get in touch with one of the admins and we will suggest some options.  

Be Positive! 

Please refrain from including negativity in your writing as we want to create a positive and supportive community.

This means no bashing, bullying or ridiculing speech.

What to Avoid

No medical advice

Articles should NOT include any medical advice, diagnoses or treatment advice.

No outlandish claims

Please don’t make outlandish claims like ‘lose 10lbs in 10 days!’

No dogmas or absolutes 

Try to avoid speaking in absolutes (for example: ‘everyone must…’, ‘it’s not possible to overeat on carnivore’, ‘always…’, ‘never…’). 

As coaches, unless we are working directly with a person, we don’t know what their history is. We are all different and there are no universal one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Please keep all information related to your clients and followers confidential.

If you would like to share any aspects of someone else’s story, you must obtain their explicit content beforehand.

This rule applies to text, photos and videos.

No specific product promotions

Please do not include links to any particular products or promotions. We are still formulating our policy with regards to those.

You can give generic advice regarding the type of product e.g. “a sugar-free multivitamin”.

You are welcome to promote yourself as a coach and include links to your own website or social media.


Writing style guidelines

Keep everything as simple as possible

Short paragraphs, short sentences, short words
Long paragraphs of text and long sentences are hard to read. Keep them as short as possible. Use simple words instead of complex ones.

Structure text with subheadings and lists
Most people tend to scan text on the web rather than read it. Break up your text into small chunks with subheadings to make it scannable.

Use bullet points and lists whenever possible.
Use questions as subheadings. Think of any related questions that people frequently ask and include them as section headings.

Aim for Readability Grade between 7 and 9 

Readability grade measures how simple it is to read the text. Same rules apply:

  • Use short sentences instead of long ones 
  • Use simple words over complex ones
  • Avoid passive voice
  • Avoid filler words 
  • Avoid unnecessary words

Use Hemingway App 

Paste your draft text into this free app to check readability grade and highlight problem areas.  

Try to follow their advice on sentence length, passive voice and overall readability. That’s based on simple text analysis and is always helpful.

Style recommendations they provide such as usage of adverbs and word choice are optional. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes not.

All their advice is AI-generated so it’s not always spot-on. See what the app says and then decide for yourself.

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