Coach Payments Schedule

Last updated: 16 July 2023

Current Payment Terms

These terms apply to coaches signing up after 1 July.

We charge a flat fee of $4 per booking.

This fee covers PayPal payment processing fee and our admin costs.


We are currently reviewing our pricing structure and may change it from August onwards. This is due to multiple hidden fees at the payment processing end with PayPal.

This change will only apply to coaches who sign up in the future. We will keep our promise to everyone already signed up and keep the pricing at the level that was advertised when they accepted the Coach Agreement.

Payouts Schedule for 2023

Payments go our every second Monday, starting from 17th July 2023.

MonthPayout Dates
July 202317 July, 31 July
August 202314 August, 28 August
September 202311 September, 25 September
October 20239 October, 23 October
November 20236 November, 20 November
December 20234 December, 18 December

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