Thank you!

Thank you for accepting our Coach Agreement!

New Login Details

You will receive an email from us within one day with your new login details.

Content Migration

If you requested for your info to be migrated across from Carnivore.Diet website, this should be completed within the next 24 hours. You will be able to review and amend the migrated content.

Please note that unfortunately not everyone’s content could be saved. Some profiles have already been taken down by the time we captured the content. We will let you know if we are unable to restore your profile.

Coach Display Names

Our default setting for coach display names is full name, including first name and surname e.g. “John Smith”.

If you would prefer to use abbreviated surname, e.g. “John S”, please amend it in your Product section.

If you would prefer to use a nickname by which you are known, for example your social media handle, that’s absolutely fine too.

Session Pricing

The default price will be set to $25 per 30-minute sessions but it’s completely up to you how much to charge!

So please amend in your Product section if you would prefer to set a different price.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions, please post them on our Help page or email us at

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